Indoor Blinds

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are a very functional practical solution to window covering. Some of there advantages are:

  • Excellent Light Control
  • Great for large areas such as sliding doors
  • Durable


  • Wide range of colours and fabrics (Most fabrics are available for Roller blinds as well)
  • Chain or chainless option on base of blinds

These blinds are hard wearing, easily cleaned and maintained and are very economical and long lasting. Vertical Drapes are great for investment properties, especially on sliding glass doors. You can have the weights sewn in so there are NO CHAINS which is very popular.


Roman Blinds

Our Roman Blinds are available in either translucent or block our fabrics. The Roman blind also features alloy batons that are available in many colours and ensures your blind maintains its original form. They are also great insulators from the cold and protection from the heat. Also available with a chain drive for easier control.


Roller Blinds

Blockout Roller Blinds are becoming more popular as a modern window covering. With a chain drive operating system they are very easy to operate and adjust to the exact height you require. There is a large variety of colours and fabrics to choose from. 100% Blockout Fabrics are what is mostly used but different opacities are available. Roller Blinds can be made as double blinds incorporating Blockout blinds and Sunscreen blinds together to receive great light control for both night and day. They can be installed as a manual or motorised option.


Panel Glide Blinds

An ideal solution for covering large expanses of windows, including bi-fold and sliding doors, the panel glide system is both decorative and functional. Available in an extensive range of fabrics, colours and textures the panel glide system also offers multiple panel widths to suit any purpose.


Sunscreen Blinds

Sunscreen Blinds are also called daytime blinds or Light filtering blinds. Suncreen blinds are a great solution when you need privacy but still want to see the view. They also keep the harsh sun out without closing the room down while protecting your flooring and furniture. Sunscreen Blinds are often used in conjunction with blockout roller blinds to gain total night time privacy.


Vision Blinds

Vision Blinds are an innovative product that offer the privacy and UV protection. They can be the perfect solution for letting the sun shine in without letting harmful UV rays wreak havoc on your furnishings, flooring and artwork. Vision blinds are comprised of an internal vane that rotates between two pieces of woven, sheer fabric. Completely open, they provide a view of the outside. Partially to completely closed, they create a warm glow of softly diffused light and utmost privacy, secure from the outside world. When raised, the entire shading disappears to a sleek head rail.


Casette Roller Blinds

Also known as “Shiftworker Blinds”, are extremely popular, stylish and have timeless fashion ability. Fitted inside the recess or face of the window frame, these high gloss aluminium powder coated Casettes are perfect for Shiftworkers as the blinds are able to completely block out the light from outside. They also have the option of being installed as manual or motorised operation which make them a great option for theatre rooms.

Woodlook (PVC) Venetians

Our high quality wood look timber venetians don’t fade or decay with our harsh environment. They can handle up to an extreme 75 degrees, the 63mm slat can create the look of shutters at a fraction of the cost and will enhance any room you place them in. Venetians are a great way to block out the light and work well with a large range of decors.